Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Progress and Plans

As the president of the club, i thought i should give an update of the plans and progress of the Alumni we formed a few months ago...

We have been getting in touch with old patricians from all over and slowly we have got to the 1972 batch :-).
YES,u heard me right. Met a Retd. IAS officer who is very keen on being a part of the Alumni as well.
Imagine what the alumni can do to the school if we have people like him. Trust me guys,we need to network.

Plans(immediate) :
1. Website for the school(we have the domain St.Patrick's. in but the website is just a blog since i couldn't find time to do better)
2. Membership enrollment form on the website
3. Meet Bro. and plan an event (whatever is useful and possible)
4. Try to collect funds for the Alumni club which will support
a. Education for the poor
b. Any teacher in dire need
(more reasons can come up also)
5. Network, network, network and get as many people as possible into the club.

Any help in building the website will be greatly appreciated since that will be our window for the greater things possible.

P.S. - Suman, Anand, Pravin, Aziz...we have our task cut out now. Lets act asap. Mudassir,ur inputs will be invaluable if u can find time.

Thanks & signing off for now(only now)
Sumedh Reddy
(whether u guys agree with me or not,lets atleast try and make it that)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thoughts for the Club - Suman

I hope all are doing fine and before I go ahead I would like thank Praveen, Mudassir and Sumedh for taking the trouble of putting that day together.... and am very sorry for not thanking you guys at the event !!!

I think we need to collate all the ideas given to us by teachers and our own friends and then see what we can implement and what we can't... I am putting down a few thoughts...

Taking some kind of crash courses / one day personality sessions / career workshops for the 11th and 12th std students.

This should be easy and will be helpful to the current batch…. We can look at conducting one session per month to start and anyone in the group who is interested can volunteer and go ahead with conducting these sessions

Brother wanted us to also organize some sports events.

My thought on this would be conducting an annual event, lets say a PPL (Patrician Premier League) T20 (Tennis ball tournament) – I am just giving you’ll food for thought… need more ideas here

From a long term perspective we can look at educating kids and also some kind of a Noon Meal scheme (both were suggested by teachers)

I think we need to evolve as a grp and be much bigger to even think about stuff like this…

So guys please send in the other ideas and suggestions and Lets Walk the Talk !!! (do I sound like Praveen here) hee hee :-)

PS: We need to figure how we are going to manage the funds… I know one of you has already spent some money for that day so please let us know how much and I think we should all share that expense.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Alumni Meet '09

"Everything has to begin somewhere" and we could finally kick-start the Alumni Club on the 25th of July 2009. It was a great start with about 70 students and 40 staff.

Some of the retired teachers had come too and the alumni included the 1983 batch as well. Mudassir Ehsan addressed the gathering with good humour and then the Chief Guest, Bro.Paul, who was always encouraging in setting up of the Alumni Club, delivered an inspirational speech as well on that day.

The club was formed with the following office-bearers:
Sumedh Reddy - President
Suman Arunagiri - Vice-President
Praveen B - Secretary
Anand S - Treasurer